Legal Policy Strategy for Ocean Governance to Become the Pivot of Maritime World for Establishing Indonesian’s Welfare

Author: Riwanto, Agus

Source: Advanced Science Letters, Volume 23, Number 10, October 2017, pp. 10016-10017(2)

Publisher: American Scientific Publishers



Indonesia is an archipelago for sea area is larger than the land area. The locus of development should be concentrated in the maritime field. The potential of the wealth of diversity of marine resources should be fully utilized as an alternative to the welfare of the people. It requires the efforts of a strategic and systematic aspects of political policy in order to organize the ocean resource management to Indonesia which is the pivot of the maritime world, the center of respected maritime forces which capable of making marine resources as a pillar of national development in aspects of economy, social, culture, defense and security, and law. The purpose of this study is to analyze the need to actualize the goal of the state according to the fourth paragraph of The Preambule Constitution 1945 which is the Indonesian people’s welfare, especially in relation with maritime world. The needed legal policies strategies deals with three components, namely the laws governing the system, institutional system and resources which are organized, and harmonious interaction among those components. Setting legal harmonization is to build a maritime culture, strengthen the utilization of marine resources, improve the quality of infrastructure and inter-island relations, strengthen the maritime world diplomacy and maintain maritime security defense capacity.

Keywords: Indonesian’s WelfareLegal PolicyMaritime Governance

Document Type: Research Article

Affiliations: Faculty of Law, Sebelas Maret University, 57126, Indonesia

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