Cardboard ballot boxes and election fraud

Agus Riewanto

The plan to use cardboard ballot boxes in the upcoming April 17, election has been met with criticism over fear that the boxes are prone to damage, and therefore pave the way for fraud. Is that right? Article 341 of the 2017 Elections Law mandates the use of transparent ballot boxes. Technicalities concerning ballot boxes are left to the General Elections Commission (KPU). The KPU has decided to choose ballot boxes made of cardboard because the old, aluminum ones have been used since 2004 and many of them are in poor condition. Aluminum boxes are not easy to maintain either because they require adequate warehouses, while not all regional KPUs have storage rooms. Aluminum boxes are not only expensive but also require a long assembly process and costly transportation. As the boxes were designed to last a long time, they become state assets and therefore require a month…

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