Critical Politic Education For Adolescent Voter And Its Correlation To The Quality Of DPR, DPD And DPRD Members In Indonesia


Agus Riwanto, SH, M.Ag
Faculty of Law Sebelas Maret University Surakarta

The general general election in Indonesia is not optimal in producing three mandates of general general election function which are; political representation, political integration, and effective government. It is because the quality of political parties and members of DPRD, DPD, and DPRD is not qualified. The improvement of quality of DPR, DPD and DPRD member is no longer the responsibility of political parties, but also the responsibility of the world of education in Indonesia. Quantitively, the number of adolescent in 2014 general general election is predicted about 30 million or 17% of 186 million voters listed from the final voter list (DPT). This amount is very significant in affecting political constellation for political parties winning and influencing the candidate of DPR, DPD and DPRD.This paper is trying to show that the improvement can be achieved by fixing the political market, which is done through political education for adolescent voter. Model of critical politic education is voter information (basic information and electoral technique), voter education (sociological means and general election implementation philosophy) and civic education (the rights and obligations of citizens in the political process and governance).
This model of critical politic education is expected to be able to improve the quality of the voter to become: calculative, rational and responsible. Calculative refers to selecting based on the vision and mission of political parties and candidates’ program. Rational means that voting is based on the
political parties and candidates’ ideology, accurate in assessing the track record of the political parties and candidates, anti money politics, regards the candidates and political parties as equal.
Responsible means as being able to do choose political choice responsibly.
Keywords: political education, adolescent, Indonesian general election

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